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Ventura, CA   A town with great beaches and a lively cultural scene

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Anacortes, WA  A charming town with a breathtaking location and a rich maritime ambiance

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Winchester, VA

Livonia, MI

Evanston, WY

Highlands, NC

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Today's In-Depth Town:   Auburn, AL  Home to Auburn University, Auburn beckons with its lively atmosphere, collegiate culture, OLLI and friendly residents.  It is a great retirement spot!    Auburn Homes

5 Reasons to Retire on a Boat

Latest Town Snapshots:     Delray Beach, FL

Four Seasons at Delray Beach, FL  

Ocean View, HI      Waxhaw, NC      Waxhaw Homes

Latest Short Review:   Arkadelphia, AR    Nestled near the Ouachita Mountains, Arkadelphia has affordable housing, two colleges and an accredited hospital.  Is it a great place to retire?

Latest Town Snapshots:     Bowling Green, KY

Goodland, FL     Boulder Creek, CA      Edgewater, FL


5 Unfriendly Taxes for Taxes and Retirement

When considering where to retire, state taxes are a big consideration.   Some states tax Social Security benefits and some do not.  Some have no income tax and so do not tax any retirement income.  Yet they have high property taxes or high sales taxes.

Co-Housing: An Alternative to Retirement Home Living

Co-housing communities can be urban, suburban, or rural. They can be new developments built to sustainable standards or conversions of farms, mansions, and abandoned buildings. All of the communities combine private ownership with communal living.

More Recent Town Snapshots:

Fort Mill, SC

This comfortable York County town is sandwiched between Rock Hill, South Carolina and Charlotte, North Carolina in north central South Carolina.  Although part of a burgeoning urban landscape and essentially a Charlotte suburb, Fort Mill retains a country feeling.

Boca Raton, FL

Stylish Boca Raton sits along Florida's southeastern coast, about 20 miles north of Fort Lauderdale, and is a well-heeled metropolis with upscale shopping venues and expensive, master planned neighborhoods, three of which are the most expensive gated communities in the nation.


Logan, UT

Tucked into the eastern edge of the Cache Valley in north central Utah, Logan is about an hour and a half north of Salt Lake City.   It is well kept and has been called one of the country's safest cities.


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